mingling-with, in company
performed by OOLA
@ Pieter Performance Space, Los Angeles
December 09, 2017

we are entangled. individually motivated. acting, affecting. with an agency that is as much our own as it is entwined. bound. string figures are intricate choreographies, dystopic and teetering. leaning towards a reveal. a hidden beautiful thing. from a muddle. a pile of dogs, a bird caught in migration, an octopus hiding near the lid of a tank at an aquarium in san pedro. widening the scope, spreading the ontological lasso. a book club checking its pulse with a hi vis tourniquet, shhh'd giggles, a friend on Skype streaming a low res distorted video feed goading the dance. this is not a knot. this is a book club.

OOLA is a book club. OOLA is Aarum Alatorre, Susanna Battin, Sara Constantino, Dakota Higgins, Sasha Plotnikova, Erik Schmahl, Amanda Vincelli, and kin.

April 21, 2018